What you see, is what you get. It’s all in the name.
2 Getherfresh can be explained in two different kind of ways:

Together fresh

Sow we like to cooperate:

  • Together with you
  • Together with growers
  • Together with suppliers

We will connect you and get producer and consumer together!


We are a fresh company, so what we want is the shortest way between grower/producer and customer. It’s our job to-get-at your place- as fresh as possible.


Our office is located in the south-west of the Netherlands. In this part of the country (almost) every kind of horticultural product is grown. The warehouse is located in Poeldijk, the centre of Dutch greenhouse production. So what you need is what we get, specially for you!

What’s different:

  • A flat organization with almost no overhead costs
  • Flexible
  • Direct contact, buying and selling is in one hand
  • Directly from grower to customer as fresh as possible
  • Honest business between growers and customers
  • As fresh as you can get.

Zundertseweg 74
4715 SC, Rucphen
Tel: + 31 1 65 51 01 44

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