For us, working based on a healthy relationship is very important. Of course this is true to our customers. If there is a problem, this will be solved. But also to suppliers, we consider it important to do business based on a healthy relationship. Our company name is also based on this. Together Fresh. As fresh as possible. Because our products are delivered in many European countries, it is of course important to be as fresh as possible. Our stock is therefore minimized. We always try to buy fresh from growers or suppliers on the day of shipping. You have to rely on a super fresh product.


Every year we try to add as many new “vegetables”, fruits or mushrooms to our assortment. We also try to be as innovative as possible in the field of ICT. Your ordering method can always be linked to ours.

Low overhead costs

Because we work with a super-flat organization you will never pay too much.

Information & personal advice

We think it’s important to provide you with the right information about the products you want. Consider the expected (price) developments in the market, or weather and consequently quality changes of various products.

Zundertseweg 74
4715 SC, Rucphen
Tel: + 31 1 65 51 01 44